1. What is Bono?  

Bono is a peer to peer ride sharing platform, which allows people who care for the environment to travel from anywhere they want to everywhere they want at what ever cost they want while giving them a measure of their environmental impact by virtue of sharing.

2. How to use Bono?

Sign up to register and become a member. Put in your personal info, along with your Aadhaar Card details to get going. If you are the vehicle owner, having seats to fill, offer seats. If you are a member searching for seats, find them. If there are none matching your requirement, post your requirement mentioning the source-destination and date. This will be saved in your upcoming rides.

3. Is Bono free to use?

Membership on Bono is absolutely free.

4. Can I use Bono in any city of my choice?

Bono is only an enabler. Though we don’t limit its scope to any particular city or destination. However, for now it will only be operating in Delhi/ NCR.

5. What is a credit?

Credit is the currency equivalent of money in Bono and 1 credit is equivalent to 1 Rupee.

6. What are Carbon Points?

Carbon Points are a measure of carbon emissions saved by you while sharing your ride. 1 Carbon Point is equivalent to saving 1 gram of CO2 emissions. In other words, you get 1 carbon point when you save 1 gm of CO2 emissions.

7. How Carbon Points are calculated?

There are a lot of factors that go into calculating carbon points like the distance travelled, number of passengers sharing the vehicle, probability of using a particular means of transport in that particular city etc.

8. What is Leader Board?

Leader Board is a cool space on which you can see how much carbon emissions were saved by you and see your overall rank on Bono. You can also check out the people who have saved the most number of carbon emissions.




1.  Who decides the price for the fare to quote?

The price depends purely on the expectation of the vehicle owner making the offer. Though we suggest a price depending on the distance, it is completely at his/her discretion to charge or not charge for the ride or to change the price.

2. How safe is Bono for me?

At Bono your safety is of paramount importance to us. To make sure that our riders have the most safe and secure experience, we have an optional Aadhar Card verification system in place. If you still don’t feel comfortable travelling with a particular individual then don’t. There are no restrictions, if you travelled with someone and don’t want to ride with them again then don’t. We are sure there is plenty of fish in the sea for you.

3. How can I report abuse against the car owner/ co-passenger?

Once you complete a ride the system allows you to give feedback to the car owner or co- passenger (in case of car owner) in terms of Bono ratings, with 5 being the highest. If there is anything more that you want to share with us, you can mail us at contact@bonoride.com.

4. Is the system safe for women drivers/ passengers?

The system lets you decide who you would like to travel with and when. As a woman driver/passenger, you can choose to travel with only women co-rider or person of your choice. You can filter this option while finding a ride.

5. The person (co-passenger/ vehicle owner) who came was different from their picture on Bono’s profile?

Security is of utmost importance to us, you can report the issue at contact@bonoride.com. We will take the necessary action.

6. I don’t want others to see my phone number or email ID?

Don’t worry, we are very concerned about your privacy. Your personal information such as Email ID, contact number won’t be visible to anyone except for you. However, once the ride is confirmed by both you and the other party, you can call the other party via the profile page to co-ordinate at the pick-up point.




1.  How can I cancel a booking?

On the home page, you can see all your upcoming rides, once you click on any specific ride the ride detail page opens. You can find the Cancel button there. Post that you’ll be asked to give a reason for your cancellation.

2. How can I book a ride?

On the home page, click on Find a Ride option. Enter your source & destination, number of seats that you want to book, select date and time. Bono allows you to be flexible about your pick up time.

3. If I am the vehicle owner, how can i post a ride?

You can mention the type of vehicle that you own, vehicle model, and vehicle registration number.

Enter your source & destination, number of seats that you want to book, select date and time. Bono allows you to be flexible about your pick up time. Moreover, you can also mention whether this is your daily route or return route etc.

4. How can I contact the vehicle owner or the co-passenger?

For a vehicle owner or a co-passenger, once you get a request from a co-passenger you will be able to chat with them through the inbuilt chat functionality. Once your request has been confirmed by the vehicle owner or the co-passenger you will be able to contact them.

5. I was supposed to drive two people home today, but I have an unplanned meeting to attend. What should I do?

We understand that and, so do your co-passengers. In such cases, you can talk to your co-passengers through the chat feature and discuss your situation with them. If they agree you can go at a later time otherwise you can cancel the ride. Just to smoothen out the process for your co-passengers please try to inform about the cancellation in advance.

6. How can I coordinate the pick up point?

The location that you will share while finding the ride, the vehicle owner will pick you up from there. Otherwise, you can always use the chat and call functionality to contact the other party .

7. I do not have a car, can I use my bike to share a ride?

Yes you can use a bike, just mention it while sharing a ride.

8. I do not want to travel with pets, can I state my preference anywhere in the app?

Yes, you can do that. Before accepting a request, you can convey this message to the other party and agree upon the same.




1.  Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel the ride?

If a co-passenger cancels the ride:

1 hour prior to the trip, 10% of the credits will be deducted.

If the vehicle owner cancels the ride, the co-passenger will be refunded the entire amount.

In case of any queries or any wrongful deductions you can contact us through the Contact us section of the app.

2. What is the Payment mechanism?

Bono works as a flexible payment mechanism. If a vehicle owner shares a ride and decides not to charge the passengers anything, no credits will be exchanged between the two, otherwise certain Credits will be transferred from the co-traveller to the vehicle owner’s account.

3. How much do I have to pay for the ride?

Since Bono is only an enabler, we just suggest a price to aid our users to make an informed decision. The vehicle owner is paid Rs 3 per km per passenger. A co-passenger will be charged a fixed price of Rs. 2.99 in addition to 7.7% of the cost set by the vehicle owner.

4. What will happen to my Credits if I decide not to use the service anymore?

You can opt out of the service any time you want. You can click on the Withdraw tab in the menu bar of your application and your Green Points will be transferred to your Paytm Wallet within 7 days after putting up the request.

5. What are the payment options for recharging Bono wallet?

You can recharge the wallet using CC/DC/Internet Banking, and PayTm. Your Bono wallet can be recharged only from the app. Click Wallet -> Add Credits to recharge via Net Banking, Paytm or Credit/Debit card. We connect with one of the best electronic payment gateways in India. All your transactions are fully secure and authenticated by the payment gateway directly.

6. How do I pay the person who offered me a ride?

There are no awkward cash transactions in Bono. After a successful ride, credits are automatically transferred from the co-passenger’s account to the vehicle owner’s account.

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